Repairs & Restoration

We undertake all repairs to the stringed instrument family, from minor tweaks to large scale restorations.

We will, of course, offer advice and an estimate before engaging in any restoration and set-up work. However, as a rough guide to prices, a full set up, for example on Grandad’s dusty violin from the attic, usually comes to around £250 - £300. If you’re lucky enough to have access to such a violin, this can yield an instrument of very respectable playing quality.

Similarly, although your current violin may sound adequate to you, having it really well set up can transform it and it’s always a good idea to have it checked over and serviced every year or so.

Typically set-up consists of:

Cleaning and polishing, new pegs, top nut, shooting and reprofiling fingerboard, handcut bridge individually made for the instrument, sound post, good set of strings, modern tailpiece, tailgut and fine tuner.

Less often, re-finishing the neck or it’s reangling may be necessary. Larger jobs can cost more and take longer. A complex restoration might take several months to complete.

We are also able to repair and restore bows. Bow rehairs, using top quality Mongolian horse-hair, are £50.00 for violin bows, £55.00 for viola bows and £60.00 for cello bows. A same day service is often available by arrangement.

Please enquire for further information.