Owning a meticulously crafted instrument is a gateway to a world of artistic fulfilment and potential financial value. For over fifty years, our workshop at Hexham Violins has been dedicated to handcrafting exquisite violins, embodying the perfect harmony of craftsmanship and musicality.

Recently, we had the pleasure of assisting the incredibly talented violinist, Samuel Hau, in finding his perfect instrument within the budget range of £10,000 to £20,000. The collaboration was nothing short of magical.

Samuel, a distinguished graduate from the Royal College of Music London and an esteemed fellow in the Southbank Sinfonia, discovered an immediate connection with one of our handmade violins. The instrument’s rich, vibrant sound captured his heart from the very first note, leading him to recognise it as his musical soulmate. This exceptional bond led Samuel to invest in this extraordinary piece.

Beyond the acquisition process, our commitment extended to providing dedicated aftercare and insurance services. We take pride in ensuring that Samuel not only receives exceptional value for his investment but also has peace of mind, knowing that his cherished instrument is well taken care of.

Our ethos at Hexham Violins revolves around providing a comprehensive package for musicians. Our master luthiers, with their five decades of unparalleled expertise, are always available to lend their support and expertise.

With our worry-free setup in place, Samuel can now wholly focus on what ignites his passion: creating beautiful music that resonates deeply with audiences and touches souls.

And Samuel ’s journey with us does not stop here. As he progresses in his musical journey, if the time comes to upgrade his instrument, we offer a convenient partial exchange option. Samuel can return his current instrument to us, and it can serve as credit towards his next purchase from our shop.

At Hexham Violins, we go beyond being just a workshop; we are your trusted partner in your musical journey. We believe in offering holistic support to musicians, ensuring a seamless and supported experience at every step.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our holistic approach to musical instrument support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, let us embark on a harmonious journey in pursuit of musical excellence.