Welcome to Hexham Violins, where passion, precision, and the love for music converge. As a master luthier in our violin shop, my journey has been a lifelong commitment to perfecting the art of violin making, restoration, and maintenance. Today, I would like to share with you the profound satisfaction that comes from entrusting your cherished instrument into the capable hands of a trusted luthier.

The Heart of a Violin Shop

Craftsmanship Meets Music

In our workshop, the heart and soul of my craft, I create, restore, and maintain violins that will, in turn, become the very essence of musicians’ expression. Each instrument has its unique voice, and my role as a luthier is to unlock its full potential.

Artistry and Skill

A luthier’s work encompasses not only technical expertise but also artistry. From selecting the finest woods to carefully carving, shaping, and varnishing, every aspect of crafting a violin is a labour of love. It’s an intricate process that takes years to master, ensuring that the finished product meets the highest standards of quality.

The Luthier’s Role

Guardians of Timeless Treasures

My role as a master luthier is not just about crafting new instruments but also preserving and restoring historical violins. When musicians entrust their beloved violins to me, they know that they are placing their instruments in the hands of a guardian who respects the history and unique qualities of each violin.

Customisation and Optimisation

Musicians have unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re a professional seeking the perfect sound or an amateur looking for comfort and playability, I work closely with each individual to tailor their violin to their specific requirements. From sound adjustments to personalized fittings, yourinstrument will be optimized for your playing style.

Welcome to Hexham Violins, where passion, precision, and the love for music converge

Trusting Your Violin to a Luthier

Building a Relationship

A musician’s relationship with their violin is deeply personal. When you trust your instrument to a luthier, you’re not just handing it over for repairs; you’re forging a partnership. I take the time to understand your instrument’s history, your playing style, and your aspirations to ensure the best care possible.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your violin is in capable hands can alleviate worries about its condition. Luthiers are experts in recognising issues, big and small, and can address them promptly, extending your instrument’s life and ensuring it always sounds its best.

Maintaining Your Focus

As a musician, your primary concern should be your artistry, not fretting about the condition of your violin. When your instrument is entrusted to a luthier, you can practice and perform with confidence, knowing your violin is well-maintained and ready to complement your musical journey.

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As a master luthier, I am privileged to play a crucial role in the world of music. By entrusting your violin to an expert, you are preserving a piece of history and enhancing your musical experience. I take pride in being a part of your musical journey and ensuring that your instrument is always in the best, trustworthy hands.


Thank you for visiting our blog. Stay tuned for more insights into the art of luthiery and the enduring partnership between musicians and their instruments.